EDITORIAL: Containerville

Photographer: Esther Delgado

Photographer: Esther Delgado

Website: www.estherdelgado.com / Instagram: @estherdelgadophotography

Stylist: Patrischa Humm
Website: patrischa.portfoliobox.net/portfolio / Instagram: @patrischahumm

Make Up Artist: Natalia Catafau Website: www.nataliacatafau.com / Instagram: @nataliacatafau

Model: Catarina (First London)
Website: https://www.firstmodelmanagement.co.uk/ - Instagram: @catarinafoxy and

  • Denim jacket by Levis, Body by Urban Outfitters, Organic Jeans by Mango

Denim jacket by Levis

  1. Left: Jacket by Stradivarius, Bra by Love Stories, Body by Brandy and Melville.
  2. Right: Shirt by Topshop, Pants by Just Female, Earring by Jump Like Alice London, Necklace by Swarovski.