Supermarket: Fashion Sweatpants

add an ankle boot, and it’s a look.

Within the past year, athlesiure has become more and more trendy. Still, it can be a little scary figuring out how to wear sweatpants outside of the house, or while running somewhere other than the grocery store. So, we wanted to help.

When shopping for a great sweatpant you can wear out, choose a pair with a bright pattern or color. If that's not your style, opt for something with a stitching detail on the knees to create that moto vibe, or around the ankles. You could also go for a sweatpant with embellishments, beads, sequins, or embroidery.

When figuring out what to wear with them, choose a basic tee (or even a silk tee just to dress it up), a heeled ankle boot, and a blazer. It'll be the most comfortable night out ever. For an everyday look, add a button-up and a pair of cute sneakers, and you're ready. No sweat!

Zara, Plush Trousers, $19.90, available at Zara.