‘Malia Obama Day’ Totally Overshadowed The 4th Of July

“Nothing but respect for MY president”

Photo by Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto via Getty Images

With women's rights under attack, the passing of an unconstitutional travel ban, and our current administration launching a widespread voter suppression campaign, a lot of people felt uneasy celebrating the "land of the free" yesterday. So instead, they spent the 4th of July celebrating what they called "Malia Obama Day," aka the former first daughter's 19th birthday. Below, we rounded up the best tweets commemorating this very important holiday. Enjoy.

"Happy Malia Obama Day," Chance the Rapper, a longtime friend of the Obamas, tweeted along with an American flag emoji.

"Until this country treats people of color the same, it's national bbq and Malia Obama day," someone wrote. 


"Wow," another person tweeted, "I really admire how everybody is going all out with red white blue and fireworks for Malia Obama's birthday."

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"Happy Fourth of July and Happy Birthday to MY President's daughter, Malia Obama," somebody tweeted. 


"Independence Day doesn't count for us anyway...so for her birthday, I say HAPPY MALIA OBAMA DAY! God bless America!" another person tweeted.  


"I can't believe people have the nerve to disrespect an important day in history. Malia Obama, happy birthday girl," one person wrote.


A lot of people expressed how sad they were that the Obamas are no longer in the White House. "I MISS THIS FAMILY!" someone tweeted along with a sobbing emoji.


"Nothing but respect for MY president," someone wrote along with an image of Malia wearing the "Smoking Kills" t-shirt she wore to the Made in America festival last year. 


Instead of making some basic American flag cake à la Taylor Swift, some people made Malia Obama Day cakes. 


"America: Happy Four-" someone tweeted. "Malia Obama: It's my birthday," along with a GIF that perfectly sums out how Malia Obama day overshadowed Independence Day. Shantay, you stay.