This Empowering Ad Was Passed Up By Network TV Execs

“this body”

photo via youtube

If it seems like society is navigating its way through one large-scale game of Chutes and Ladders, that's because it kind of is. One step forward, two steps back. Because even though there's been a massive improvement in how women of all ages are embracing their bodies, in all their varied forms, it seems as if mainstream media isn't quite ready to show curvy women declaring their sexuality and strength.

As first reported by TMZ and later confirmed via a press release, Lane Bryant's new advertisement, titled "My Body," was passed up by executives at ABC and NBC. While neither network provided specifics as to why they would not air the commercial, insiders at the fashion brand believe that the issue at hand is size, and not nudity. If true, this is more than just disappointing—it's irresponsible. Although it may seem obvious to some, seeing women like Ashley Graham, Denise Bidot, and Precious Lee spell out exactly why their bodies are powerful, sexy, and statement-making is emancipating and leads to more self-acceptance and self-love.

Luckily, though, the Internet is a space for all. So instead of sitting around on the couch and waiting for a network to finally catch on, we can view it whenever and wherever we want, however many times we want. Press play below.