Chance The Rapper Endorses Fake Chance The Rapper Tweet Because He Is An Adorable Nerd

Pretty on-brand, TBH.

Photo via Facebook @chancetherapper

Chance the Rapper has been the voice of positivity we've needed in these dark times. When he's not making a new video with Jamila Woods, sharing tidbits about his insanely-adorable daughter, saving Chicago schools (while dressed like Steve Jobs), or creating an awards show to celebrate educators, he's tweeting positive aphorisms for your everyday life like an earnest Lori Beth Denberg. See the following:

Well, a 17-year-old high school senior named Danny Diaz wanted to get in on the game, so he created a parody Chance the Rapper Twitter account and started putting Chance-style positivity out into the world. This probably would have gone unnoticed until one of his tweets started racking up the retweets and likes:

Since both the Twitter account and the tweet so closely resemble something from the genuine Chance, fan undoubtedly thought it was the real thing. And can you blame them? We hardly need a reason to stay home, even moreso when Chance gives us the go-ahead to indulge in a little alone time. Turns out the real CTR was into this advice, too. A few days after the fake tweet was released, the rapper openly endorsed both it and the whole fake Twitter page:

There you have it, folks. Now, we'd just like him to share a recommended book list and his favorite cacio e pepe recipe and we'll be all set.