Balenciaga’s New Collection Has Some Serious Bernie Sanders Inspo

Is Demna Gvasalia “Feeling the Bern?”

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This morning at Balenciaga’s Fall 2017 Men’s runway show, we were delighted to see that designer Demna Gvasalia showcased a new take on the Balenciaga logo—this time with a political spin.

According to Vogue, the new collection was inspired by “the subject of corporate dressing.” As would be expected, there were plenty of classic suits and trouser-blazer combos with nothing underneath (definitely no complaints here), along with a smattering of more streetwear-inspired pieces: oversized raincoats, hoodies layered over flannels, bomber jackets, and the like.

But what stuck out the most was a new brand logo printed on jackets and scarves, made into pins, and even appearing on manicures. If it looks familiar, it's because it’s practically identical to Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign logo. As Vogue pointed out, the only actual difference was that Balenciaga’s logo was underscored with three lines, while Sanders' used only two. Still, the resemblance is undeniable.

As always, Gvasalia brought us another collection with inspiration drawn from unexpected places that perfectly encapsulates current pop culture happenings. With all of the “Bernie would have won” talk (and related memes) circulating on the internet, we can’t help but wonder: Is he also still “Feeling the Bern?” 

While this clearly doesn’t change the fact the Donald Trump will be sworn in as our next president in just a few days, it does remind us that, well, there’s still hope for some good to happen—2020, perhaps?

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