Ariana Grande Addresses The Nicki Minaj “Drama”

Over shared release date

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images; Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

Ariana Grande wants people to stop pitting her and Nicki Minaj against each other.

Yesterday, Minaj announced that she was moving back the release of Queen due to delays in getting a Tracy Chapman sample cleared. This means, it’s now coming out on August 17, the same day Grande’s highly anticipated Sweetener is being released. Many loyal Arianators saw the move as Minaj wanting to sabotage her friend and frequent collaborator, but Grande took to Twitter to clear the air.

Responding to one user who urged fellow fans to stop pitting the two against each other, Grande wrote: “That’s my fucking sister. She’s clearing a sample. Buy and stream queen & sweetener aug 17 bye.” She then went on to say that numbers and charting don’t mean as much to artists as they do to those wanting to support them. “Just want y’all to listen to the project,” Grande said.

Another fan was quick to call the singer out on what they saw as "bullshit", noting that she constantly likes Popcrave’s tweets about her accomplishments, which makes it seem like she does, in fact, care about numbers. Grande, again, explained the situation, writing:

Wait so... i’m not allowed to say thank u or celebrate w y’all when something does do well? u tell me. being grateful and having a competitive intention behind what you’re creating are two very different things. learn to be loving n grateful... it’s real simple. i’m out.

Grande also reminds us all that Troye Sivan’s Bloom comes out August 31. Let’s just support and stream everyone and let #20Gayteen continue to be great, deal?