Midi Rings you can wear every day

Get back-to-school ready in a subtle way.

With the anixety of getting back-to-school ready, we know it can be challeneging deciding what to buy to prep you for the next year in school. Do you go big and get a couple of expensive pieces, or do you splurge at Forever 21 and buy everything you can—and end up with new outfits only for the first four weeks? It can be tough. We suggest buying a bunch of midi rings to spice up your wardrobe in a subtle way. Luckily, most midi rings come in packs—so you get a whole handful without spending a lot of money. If you're going in for an investment piece, go for a rind that is basic (read: without a lot of jewels), so that you can make sure you wear it every day without feeling like it's too much. Grab our favorites in the slideshow to spice up your back-to-school outfits.

Catbird, Mignon Memory Ring, $48, view at Catbird.